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Eighteen Wheels Burning- Live at The Delancey, Sat., Aug. 30th

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Eighteen Wheels Burning will be playing at The Delancey this Saturday night, August 30th at 9pm. They just signed with a record label, so you’ll want to see them before they start playing the really big venues. Check out their MySpace page. You can also pick up their CDs on CD Baby. And, there’s smashing live footage on YouTube.

Here are a few fine words of praise ripped from a review of Eighteen Wheels Burning by Lunar Hypnosis Magazine (you’ve probably seen a copy on your accountant’s desk):

“If you’ve ever lost track of time reading Stonerrock.com, this band’s for you. ‘Got some Karma To Burn or Fireball Ministry in your collection? You’ll be dazzled. Electric Wizard? Orange Goblin? Dirty Rig? Put your feet up on the speaker and crack open a cold one, you’re gonna LOVE THIS S**T!”

Personally, I haven’t lost time reading Stonerrock.com -yet. But, my taste in music often drives me to the fridge in search of a robust malt liquor brewed especially for a cracker with angst. See you at the show.

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