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McCain Campaign’s Funeral Comes Early

RNC and McCain staffers ready to bury McCain's chances for winning the election

RNC and McCain staffers ready to bury McCain's chances for winning the election

Mounting despair, crushing depression and childish rage. This sums up the state of mind for many staffers in McCain’s presidential campaign and members of the Republican National Committee (RNC).

As once secure Republican states turn lighter shades of red – some appear to be approaching that dreaded shade of pink as they move toward purple and eventually the blue of the Democratic Party – the McCain campaign and the RNC are pointing fingers at one another instead of focusing on planning a coherent strategy during the last stretch of the 2008 election..

I guess they’re pulling pages right out of their campaign playbook – the one that caused John McCain to be less appealing to many voters than his Democratic rival, Barack Obama. The RNC and the McCain campaign chose character assassination as opposed to crafting a comprehensive and meaningful policy platform that would address the mounting problems faced by voters. This caused moderates – people that don’t hug trees or stroke firearms – who face foreclosure and loss of employment to wonder what McCain he would actually do to help once elected – other than blame Democrats.

So now, as they are being outspent and outmaneuvered by those dastardly Democrats, the RNC and the McCain campaign have turned on each other instead of dealing with the problems that have been plaguing McCain’s bid for the presidency.

Check out this piece in Politico.com called “Blame game: GOP forms circular firing squad.” It provides some interesting details about the Republican shouting match that is marking the final days of the 2008 election.

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7 comments for “McCain Campaign’s Funeral Comes Early”

  1. What are u sick or something? You lefties dont have any shame. Mccain is a war hero – show some respect!

    Posted by Patriotix24 | October 27, 2008, 7:12 pm
  2. i don’t think that john mccain would make a good president. he seems a bit hostile, strangely. pat buchanan’s the american conservative magazine makes the case that mccain may possibly suffer from traumatic brain injury from his vietnam days and that explains the anger (most recent edition of that maverick mag). and he seems to be an “old 73″ in my estimation. the republicans threw him to the wolves against such a young, bright candidate. that being said, we will see how mister obama does in office. i agree with alexander cockburn in the nation. obama has missed an opportunity: “How easy it should have been for a politician as eloquent and intelligent as Obama to create an irresistible popular constituency challenging business as usual. But what’s positively eerie is the cautious sensitivity of his political antennas, alerting him time and time again to the risks of actually saying or pledging anything substantive by way of challenge to the present arrangements. Small wonder it’s hard to remember much that he says, because so little that he does say is ever substantively memorable or surprising or exciting….”

    i feel sad that people actually think that there is much difference between these two candidates. it seems that people have drank a different, non-partisan koolaid. the drink blinds them somehow to the idea that we really need a serious, broadly-based third party. and we can’t wake for someone to ring a gong and get this sucka going…

    Posted by mayfield4 | October 27, 2008, 7:38 pm
  3. I agree that we desperately need a viable third party. But I disagree on your assessment of the two candidates. Bland comments aside, Obama is strikingly different from McCain. This could be the largest difference between two major party candidates in decades. But, we will see what actually changes, when and if he wins. His older colleagues in Congress will probably hamper any true reform efforts. Thanks very much for your thoughtful comment.

    Posted by SplendidMarbles | October 27, 2008, 7:59 pm
  4. “this could be the largest difference between the two party candidates in decades.” you must be kidding. the duo represent the same corrupt interests. they belong to a club that is far removed from newark avenue. and both agreed with the wall street bailout, lamenting “what else can we do?” i’m not sure people are ready for the post-obama depression, pun intended. we have quite a shock coming.

    Posted by mayfield4 | October 27, 2008, 8:17 pm
  5. I think you ignored my mention of support for a viable third party. I wrote a piece last week about Obama being the $600 million man. I think he will disappoint many once elected. But, what I am, and have been arguing, is that he is the far less crappier alternative – and that there is a difference in his spending priorities, tax policies and foreign policy when compared to McCain. He will undoubtedly be handcuffed by his former peers – and he will lend a sympathetic ear to those who wrote the 30K checks. And, there will be a post-election depression no matter who wins – the bailout just adds to the tab. By the way, you should read about Sweden’s successful bank nationalization program in the early 1990s – although we’re already screwing our efforts up. Bailouts/rescues/nationalizations of financial institutions are not as cut and dry as opponents and proponents make them out to be.)
    And, if you seriously want to start a third party, get to work now – I’ll gladly join you.

    Posted by SplendidMarbles | October 27, 2008, 9:02 pm
  6. I think mayfield’s right. obama is the status quo, people are just too dumb to figure that out. He takes money from the same people mccain does and he’s gonna piss a lot of people off -if he wins.

    Posted by Bill S. | October 28, 2008, 9:42 am
  7. When the knives come out within your own party, you know you are in trouble. Everyone is looking to the next job and the next campaign already and I’ll bet Sarach Palin doesn’t give back the clothes. Does anyone buy the “I shop at thrift stores” line? McCain lost control of her when he trotted her out in the new duds and then she became the poster child for campaign excess. The down ticket races are looking for some of that cash to try and salvage races in states that they should have won handily. McCain is actually runnning robocalls in Arizona! How can this campaign’s chief pollster come out today and say that McCain is “functinally even” in the battleground states? Maybe he’s reading something I’m not. I’ll give you that polling is not an exact science its actually part science and part astrology. However, the rebublican party is losing ground in all states, which is a testament to the Obama campaign stategy to fight in all 50 states. Their ground organization has finally taken a page from the rebuplican playbook and with the enormous amounts of money flowing into the coffers, they can afford to do this. I don’t think the premature burial is entirely off the mark.

    Posted by John Olivo | October 29, 2008, 11:37 pm

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