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Videos: Cat vs. Gator / Rat vs. Cat

I have absolutely no new content for you. So, I’ll do what every other parasite who runs a site does: post stuff that’s not mine.

I like cats, rats and alligators.

First, cat vs. gator.

Second, rat vs. cat(s).

The 100th Splendid Marbles Cartoon Caption Contest will be held in late January of 2011. I can promise a prize worth at least $25. Happy Holidays.

CUSTOMIZED T-SHIRTS, COFFEE MUGS & LAW ENFORCEMENT GRADE STUN GUNS* AVAILABLE! If you’ve won the contest, have been a finalist, OR, if you’ve submitted at least 20 captions over the past 6 months, I can create a customized shirt for you. (If you have a preference for another product, say a coffee mug, or a hat, or maybe you fancy bazookas or other types of field artillery, I can have CafePress plaster my cartoons with your logos on them as well – except maybe the weapons, I have to check on that.) Just send the cartoon by contest name, your caption and full name to: splendidmarbles at gmail dot com. (*Totally kidding about the stun guns.) And, you can order the one featured below right away!

Here’s a shot of the shirt featuring one of my swell contest cartoons:

No country club will deny you entry now!

CLICK HERE if you would like one of your very own (there are two more styles available and some designs I came up with a little while back, just click “Back to Shop” on the link.) By the way, the sign on the yard says: Splendid Marbles / inquire within.

And, check out more cartoons and the winners of the caption contest in the Splendid Marbles Cartoon Gallery.

By the way, you can also find my work at GoComics, in the Sherpa section.

sign up for my feed!While you’re here, sign up for my feed so you can get some of the best in original political cartoons and commentary.

Please note: I will send out an email on Mondays to remind you about the contest. I will NOT pester you at any other time during the week, and I will NOT share your email with another living soul – or organization run by the living. AND, I will take you off of the list as soon as you request to be removed – just send a reply email with “UNSUBSCRIBE” in the subject line. Thank you, and have fun with this week’s cartoon. (Please be advised: I reserve the right to remove comments that contain foul language.)

Intellectual Property Statement: By submitting your caption(s) to SplendidMarbles.com, you agree that such caption(s) and the accompanying information will become the property of SplendidMarbles.com and you grant SplendidMarbles.com permission to publicly display and use the captions in any form or media for any and all purposes. Your submission also allows SplendidMarbles.com to edit, or adjust the caption for clarity and language. In return for submitting captions, SplendidMarbles.com will give you name recognition every time your caption is published. (SplendidMarbles.com is owned and operated by Greg Strid.)

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