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Big Scary Canvas – Part II

I worked on my “Big Scary Canvas” over the past week, and I’m posting my progress, which I will do each week until the canvas has been conquered. In each post, I’ll talk a bit about the creative process – my creative process. Keep in mind: I DID NOT GO TO ART SCHOOL. My background [...]

Big Scary Canvas

I’m taking on an ambitious new art project. It’s ambitious for me because it involves filling a canvas that’s three feet wide and four feet tall. I’m accustomed to drawing cartoons on very small pieces of paper, which these days measure six inches by seven.
This canvas has been sitting in my studio for many months, [...]

The Vet

This sketch is based very loosely on a photo of an elderly McCain supporter from a recent issue of the Economist. I was fascinated by the size of his nose and ears. I think if this bugger lives another 10 years, there will only be nose, ears and feet left (I couldn’t see his feet, but supposedly they enlarge with age as well). This is not a slap against vets or McCain supporters, but merely a vivid display of my own immaturity and simplicity.

Losership Academy


A portrait of gaming billionaire Sheldon Adelson. I used a photo from a recent New Yorker article as my source.

The Art of Jay Van Houten

Man Vacuuming Woman


Mister Hand

Mind Bridge

Magnificent Woman

Collage by David Poppie

Artist Statement
My recent work involves the reclaiming disposable objects in mass to create two and three dimensional works. Pieces can involve tea bags, matchbook strikes, plastic cutlery, etc. These items are generally disregarded and ignored by the everyday person. Through the gathering of the discards of contemporary culture, I ask the [...]

“Donkey Cart” by Andrea Raphael

From the Collection of Snow Mack

You can see more of the Snow Mack’s” Vintage Cheese” paintings at

“Voodoo Child”- by Snow Mack

From the Collection of Andrea Raphael

You can see more of the “Vintage Cheese” paintings at

My Foe, Kneel

Main Marbles

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