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Federal Budget Deficit Kills Spring Fever

Spring is finally here after a long, frightfully cold winter. And with it comes the delusions induced by spring fever. Both the Obama administration and investors are stricken with the heady optimism associated with this illness, classifying the trickles of less than horrible economic data as green shoots that will bring America out of the [...]

Bailout Wrapped in Chocolate

How do you get a quarrelsome, spoiled child to swallow a large, nasty pill? Wrap it in something delicious, like chocolate, and the screaming kid will wolf it, tasting only sweetness. Down will go the medicine and everyone will be happy. That’s what the Senate did with the financial bailout package today. They wrapped it [...]

Hello, Cliff!

It seems as if America’s fiscal situation is rolling quickly toward
the edge of a big scary cliff. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget
Office (CBO) warned earlier this week that the combined forces of
a weakening economy and high maintenance costs associated with
fighting two wars is causing the federal budget outlook to darken
significantly over the next few years.
The CBO [...]

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