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What Does this Historic Election Mean to You?

This is an historic election – no matter whether the Democrats or the Republicans win. Just look at all the dramatic quotes concerning the 2008 election:
Here’s what CNN had to say:
“No matter how they vote, Americans will make history today. They may pick the first black U.S. president. Or the oldest first-term president and the [...]

Obama’s Got Much More Than Kool-Aid

With just days to go in the 2008 election, Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama hit the prime time airwaves last night (videos after jump) with a thirty minute infomercial for the broad American public, followed by a spot on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, where he conceded the faint likelihood of his snagging too [...]

Alaska Senator “Uncle Ted” Convicted But Defiant

Election 2008 is getting more like a poorly-scripted reality TV program as voting day approaches. The new plot twist involves Republican Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska; he just joined the swelling ranks of America’s fast-growing criminal population. Senator Stevens was convicted yesterday of violating federal ethics laws for concealing his acceptance of expensive gifts and [...]

McCain Campaign’s Funeral Comes Early

Mounting despair, crushing depression and childish rage. This sums up the state of mind for many staffers in McCain’s presidential campaign and members of the Republican National Committee (RNC).
As once secure Republican states turn lighter shades of red – some appear to be approaching that dreaded shade of pink as they move toward purple [...]

Spirit of Joe McCarthy Possesses Michele Bachmann

Making Joe McCarthy’s ghost proud by accusing the Democratic presidential nominee of harboring anti-American views has very expensive consequences. (Videos after jump.) This is the hard lesson that Republican Michele Bachmann, who represents Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District, learned after she unleashed a torrent of absurdities aimed at discrediting Barack Obama, Democrats, and liberals. [...]

Daily Show’s Jon Stewart Erupts Over Patriot Palin

It was 11pm, time to put my Mac to sleep and my butt on the couch for the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I was in the mood for a hearty chuckle, but WOW! is all I can say after watching the first ten minutes. (Two videos follow the jump.) Apparently, Mr. Stewart has had [...]

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