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The NY Times Stinks at News Analysis

Should General Motors file receive a financial bailout from the U.S. government, or should it be left to deteriorating market conditions that will lead to a bankruptcy filing? This is the question put forth by a NY Times “News Analysis” piece entitled “G.M.’s Troubles Stir Question of Bankruptcy vs. a Bailout .” Unfortunately, this article [...]

Captain Obama Takes the Helm

I am very glad that Democrat Barack Obama won the presidential election yesterday, defeating his Republican rival, John McCain. I read a slew of articles today from the major papers – both left and right. My thoughts are a meaty stew of emotion at the moment ( I’m sorry for that last bit about stews [...]

What Does this Historic Election Mean to You?

This is an historic election – no matter whether the Democrats or the Republicans win. Just look at all the dramatic quotes concerning the 2008 election:
Here’s what CNN had to say:
“No matter how they vote, Americans will make history today. They may pick the first black U.S. president. Or the oldest first-term president and the [...]

Obama’s Got Much More Than Kool-Aid

With just days to go in the 2008 election, Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama hit the prime time airwaves last night (videos after jump) with a thirty minute infomercial for the broad American public, followed by a spot on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, where he conceded the faint likelihood of his snagging too [...]

Spirit of Joe McCarthy Possesses Michele Bachmann

Making Joe McCarthy’s ghost proud by accusing the Democratic presidential nominee of harboring anti-American views has very expensive consequences. (Videos after jump.) This is the hard lesson that Republican Michele Bachmann, who represents Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District, learned after she unleashed a torrent of absurdities aimed at discrediting Barack Obama, Democrats, and liberals. [...]

Republicans Had Better Weed

Are these guys high? As the debate in Congress over the
$700 billion financial system bailout rages on, I’m seeing
the same ideological arguments playing out in Washington
that always surface as Democrats lock horns with Republicans.
This is not the run-up to the Iraq war; there’s no doubt that
serious damage is being done to the US. Yet, [...]

The Iraq War “Surge”

How did a Democratic sweep of congress result in an expansion of troop levels in Iraq, now called the “surge”? At the start of the year, the newly elected Democratic majorities in Congress were vowing to rein in President Bush and dastardly Dick Cheney’s horrendous Iraq war policies. We would be out of that [...]

A response to W. and the Democrats- by Greg Strid

I watched President Bush tell the nation, without the
slightest hint of emotion, that we should all just give
General Petraeus some more time to complete his
mission.  He did seem to acquiesce a bit to public
sentiment by announcing that he planned to return
close to 6,000 troops by the end of the year, and he
mentioned the possibility of [...]

Farewell, Turd Blossom- by Greg Strid

Farewell, Turd Blossom!
Karl Rove, the boyish-looking political strategist widely
believed to be Bush’s brain announced his departure
on Monday in front of a rather stunned collection of the
news media. Mr. Rove said that he will be resigning from
his position as deputy chief of staff at the end of the month.
The political tactics that Rove employed may [...]

The Bush Follies- by Greg Strid

President Bush declared on Tuesday, “I understand there’s a debate…”
and went on to explain that it is the other side, roughly categorized
as “people in Washington” who are saying “STOP” to the “surge”, his
latest gamble to stabilize Baghdad and the tumultuous Anbar province.
Thirty thousand odd American troops, the backbone of this effort,
apparently arrived in full-force just [...]

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