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Snowstorm 2008 (Winter has last word)- photos by Greg Strid

The big storm meant that getting a seat in Manhattan would be
harder than usual.

My bike was in no mood to help me find a place to sit.

It seemed as if all things man-made were wearing heavy hats. Still no place
to sit.

The cars were resting comfortably. They had the day off.

More hats.

Where is Dennis these days?

I [...]

Collage by David Poppie

Artist Statement
My recent work involves the reclaiming disposable objects in mass to create two and three dimensional works. Pieces can involve tea bags, matchbook strikes, plastic cutlery, etc. These items are generally disregarded and ignored by the everyday person. Through the gathering of the discards of contemporary culture, I ask the [...]

The Life of Bikes- Photos by James Byrne

The Death of Bikes- Photos by Greg Strid

Free Range Eggs

The original sketch:

Main Marbles

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