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Mexican standoff update

In Mexico, the protests organized by presidential candidate Lopez Obrador continue as he presses his demand for a full recount after the election held on July 2. The Federal Election Tribunal recently decided to recount ballots at 9% of Mexico’s 130,000 polling stations where the vote may have been miscounted.
I have attached a link to [...]

Arguing for a recount

I have argued against a recount, if it stems solely from the pressure of mass demonstrations, in a previous essay (Immigration and the Mexican standoff). I wanted to offer the views of John Ackerman, a professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico’s Institute for Legal Research, on the subject. His opinion piece [...]

Immigration and the Mexican Standoff

In America, the debate about illegal immigration has been heating up over the last few months, and is sure to develop into a full boil as the November elections draw closer.
When the issue of illegal immigration is discussed, Mexico is identified as the source of this growing problem.
Those who live on the border with [...]

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