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Big Scary Canvas – Part II

I worked on my “Big Scary Canvas” over the past week, and I’m posting my progress, which I will do each week until the canvas has been conquered. In each post, I’ll talk a bit about the creative process – my creative process. Keep in mind: I DID NOT GO TO ART SCHOOL. My background [...]

Big Scary Canvas

I’m taking on an ambitious new art project. It’s ambitious for me because it involves filling a canvas that’s three feet wide and four feet tall. I’m accustomed to drawing cartoons on very small pieces of paper, which these days measure six inches by seven.
This canvas has been sitting in my studio for many months, [...]

The Splendid Marbles Studio

I would like to show you my studio, and give you a little insight regarding how I work in order to create the cartoons on Splendid Marbles – if I may be so bold as to call it “work.” (Images after jump.)
Here’s me “in action,” with my new quality control agent, Clementine (don’t [...]

Happy Memorial Day! (New Caption Contest Tomorrow)

I hope that you’re enjoying Memorial Day. There will be a new caption contest posted tomorrow at noon (5/26/09).
Click here if you would like to see the cartoons from the contest with the winning captions.

My Birthday Extravaganza-photos by Greg Strid

I celebrated my birthday on Wednesday with style. Tiby arranged for an action-packed day that began with a shopping trip to Reminiscence (I felt the need for a new coat to ring in the fall season), continued with a powerful day at Chelsea Piers and ended with an evening sail in New York Harbor aboard [...]

New kid in the house. (New uncle on the block.)- photo by uncle.

On Tuesday afternoon, August 19th, the world was blessed with the arrival of Anna Rose. She weighed in at 6 pounds, 10 ounces. I would like to thank and congratulate my brother Dennis and sister-in-law Noelle. Anna is quite the stunning specimen. Many newborns appear to have just stepped off the mother ship-prematurely. Anna, however, [...]

Puerto Rican Day Parade with Scary Corrections Vehicle Fleet

It was a smashing day for a parade. The sun was shining, but it was not too hot or humid. Tiby and I parked ourselves in camping chairs on Montgomery Street to take in Jersey City’s Puerto Rican Day Parade.
The photos posted below are from my little camera, and the tart comments that accompany each [...]

Summer Salon – photos and a few words

Devil Bird- Photos by Greg Strid



Skull Shoes- Photo by Greg Strid


I saw these stylish, yet ghoulish shoes sitting on the curb just north of Jersey Avenue on Columbus in Jersey City the other night. It looks as if the owner did not discard them, instead it seems as if she was plucked right out of them. (Maybe Satan called her back home for a family [...]

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